Level 2: Beyond Basics

The Level 2 lessons are for anyone who has been in the Level 1 classes and are comfortable with their foundations and ready to move on. This lesson series includes 3 main topics; “Moves Every Lindy Hopper Should Know”, Lindy Hop Technique and Intro to Charleston which will be rotated each month. Each series runs for 4 weeks, starting at the beginning of the month.

Prerequisites: Level 2 must be taken at least 4 times – you must attend a Lindy Hop Technique, Lindy Hop Vocabulary, Charleston, and either a repeat class OR an Instructor’s Choice class AND receive instructor approval prior to moving up to Level 3

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Emmaus Lutheran School Gym
1224 Laurel Street
Indianapolis, IN 46203


November: Intro to Charleston

When the music gets fast, lindy hop is not the only option. Why not try Charleston? This month you’ll go through the Charleston basics, all the way up through some hand-to-hand patterns, and some tandem. We’ll also cover some basic solo movement, so get ready to learn how to Suzie Q and Tacky Annie. Previous Charleston experience is not necessary, although you do need to know basic Lindy Hop.

November: Open Track Lesson – Balboa

This month we have a special lessons series open to all levels. The Balboa is a swing dance that originated in Southern California during the 1920s and enjoyed huge popularity during the 1930s and 1940s. The term Balboa originally referred to a dance characterized by its close embrace and full body connection. This is another dance that is great to pull out when the tempos get fast.

November Class Dates

Doors open at 6:30pm, lesson starts at 6:45PM Thursdays
November 1st, 8th, 15th, 29th

Charleston: Taught by Kerry and Rob
Balboa: Taught by Joe and Katelyn


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November Pricing

November Balboa Pricing