1st Month of Lessons are FREE!!

Starting in 2019, Your 1st Month of Level 1 Lessons is free!!! This is only for people who have never taken lessons with us before. It is only for one month of lessons. Bring a friend and find out what Lindy Hop is all about!!! Use this Registration Form to sign up for your first month of free lessons.

Welcome to your first swing dance class!

Learning to dance can be scary, but we are here to make the process as fun and friendly as possible. Here are some things to know before you begin.

When are classes and when can I start?

We have our Level 1 lessons on Thursdays at McGowan Hall, 1305 N Delaware St, Indianapolis, IN 46202. Doors open at 6:30pm and lessons start at 7:00pm. Lessons last for 1 hour and our weekly dance follows our lessons from 8-10pm at McGowan Hall. All of our lessons are progressive which means that each week we build on the material taught the previous week. Each Level 1 series lasts one month. You can join a new session the first or second week of the month. Register here.

I missed the first class of the month. Can I still join?

Yes, you can join the second week of a series! But be aware that the class will be covering material faster than in the first week due to the progressive nature. You cannot join after the second week, but the next series is only two weeks away at this point!

Do I need a partner?

No partner is required, but bringing friends is always encouraged! There will be a rotation during classes to help better learn how to socially dance with a variety of people.

What should I wear?

Something comfortable, easy to move in, and something you don’t mind getting a little sweaty. Swing dancing is a hard (but very fun) workout! You will want shoes that give you support and are comfortable; you always want shoes that won’t too easily slide off your feet. High heels are not typically recommended , and most dancers wear sneakers. Since there are often spins in swing dancing, you will ideally want shoes that will allow some sliding.

What about music?

Want some music to practice too? Try Naptown Stomps Practice Spotify Playlist.

What about personal hygiene?

While dancing in crowded venues it is easy to get sweaty. Most dancers bring an extra shirt or two to change into as the night goes on as dancing with someone who has sweated through their clothing is unpleasant. Also consider bringing deodorant and breath mints to stave off personal odors. If someone is particularly smelly, speak to one of the instructors or staff and they will delicately approach the issue with the person.

Is there an age limit or age-specific classes?

Nope, although you will find most of our attendees are between the ages of 18 and 80. One of the great things about swing dance is how much it is enjoyed across all generations! Parents are welcome to bring their children with them while attending lessons, provided they do not disrupt the flow of class.

Cancellation Policy

Classes offering pre-registration require a minimum of 8 students. If we do not reach the minimum, Naptown Stomp reserves the right to cancel the class. In this event, all or a portion of registration fees will be refunded to the registered students.

Transfer Policy

Class packages may be transferred to the next month up until 11:59pm on the evening of the first lesson. After that there will be no transfers. Questions can be directed to president@naptownstomp.org.
If you have further questions, please contact us.