Engagement Dir. – Cheryl Spencer

Cheryl joined Naptown Stomp shortly after she moved to Indianapolis in 2018. Her only previous dance experience was one semester of swing dance club in college. She was nervous about trying swing dancing again after so long, and is so thankful that she did. The dancers of Naptown Stomp welcomed her with open arms and helped her discover the joy (and sometimes silliness) of Lindy hop. Cheryl now enjoys goofing off at swing dance events all over the Midwest.  When she isn’t dancing, she enjoys reading, improv comedy, thrift store shopping, and karaoke. As the Engagement Coordinator, she’s your girl for connecting with folks both on and off the dance floor.  Don’t hesitate to come up and ask Cheryl for a dance, no matter if you’ve been dancing for a day or a lifetime– she’s just here to learn and have fun!