Michelle Rakotomalala

Michelle discovered her love of dancing in 2013 when she first stepped into a Lindy Hop class at Ball State University. Since then, she has been a very active member of the community by extensively traveling her first 2 years of dancing. Needless to say that her addiction drove her to want more so she pushed herself to become a better dancing through private lessons, practicing, and dancing with a smile at any event she goes to. As she became more recognized in the scene, she started teaching at her local club and it was soon apparent that she loved spreading her love of dancing to her students. Her passion is to see students get a dance concept, successfully using it on the social dance floor, and come to fall in love with the dance she too loves so much. You can expect some great material as well as solid teaching paired with a good time! Michelle is super excited to be teaching for Naptown Stomp.