Katelyn Griffith

Katelyn started dancing, like many people, by taking tap, jazz and ballet classes throughout elementary and middle school. After taking a long break and getting through school, she found herself missing the art. In 2016, her love of history and dance led her to find Lindy Hop! Her first lesson was at the Fountain Square Theater, after which she joined Naptown Stomp. She took any class she could, soon traveling around the Midwest to attend dance workshops. In 2017, she discovered Balboa and has been developing her skills in both ever since. Katelyn started teaching at Ball State University, Indiana University and the Fountain Square Theater in early 2018, soon joining the ranks at Naptown Stomp in late 2018. In the classroom, she enjoys teaching Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Charleston – her favorite topics include beginner lessons, technique, and partner connection.¬†When not dancing, Katelyn is a social worker who enjoys old movies and traveling the world! But… she’s dancing most of the time, so if you see her on the dance floor, ask her to swingout!