Jonathan Kafoure

A native Hoosier, Jonathan started dancing Lindy Hop while living in a small Virginia neighboring the Blue Ridge Mountains. YouTube was his instructor. After moving back to Indianapolis, IN, and 6 months of no dancing, he signed up for lessons with Naptown Stomp. Because it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!

In Jonathan’s humble opinion there is no better dance than Lindy Hop. Searching for a dance-superior would be “vanity of vanities” as the preacher says. And all Lindy Hoppers say, “Amen”! The energy of the music, the rhythm, the melodies, the songs, the people, he loves it. Swing dance is something he’ll gladly take into his 80s.

Lightning round: Jonathan is a contracted creative writer that writes for the stage and a web-based educational series designed to teach the art of film making. While in Virginia he was acting professionally and doing voiceover work. He is an aspiring children’s book author, playwright, screenwriter, and also loves to sing in the shower.