Brent Watson

Brent loves to share the joy of dancing by spinning tunes to keep the party going! He enjoys playing the right tunes perfect for the moment (whether you want swing-out hard, or take it nice and easy). Blues or Lindy he’s your DJ! Expect to hear obscure tunes, and sprinkled with some of the tune you all know and love, leaning on that driving riffin’ sound. Most recently Brent DJ’ed CBUS9 and was ‘House DJ’ at Pirate Swing 2014. You can hear Brent most often in the Indianapolis area as well as other events around the Midwest (CinciLX; KissME; Dayton Swing Smackdown; Penguin Swing; Oberlin Jazz Dance festival; Chicago; and many more). Anywhere he goes, his music follows…. He has been told often he has a “DJing problem”