Level 1: Intro

This lesson series offers everything you need to know to get started swing dancing! Our instructors will cover the fundamental techniques and moves of Lindy Hop, the most common swing dance done today. You’ll have everything you need to know to dance the night away and move on to Level 2 if you choose!

These lessons are more in depth than Fountain Square lessons and are required before registering for the Beyond Basics Series for anyone who has not previously danced Lindy Hop.

Prerequisites: No dance experience needed but attendance at a Fountain Square lesson preferred. Level 1 must be taken 2 times – you must have taken 2 months of Level 1 AND receive instructor approval before you can advance to Level 2

Naptown Stomp Officers

Join Naptown Stomp for a free beginner Swing Dance class streamed live straight to your living room! Roll up your carpet, lace up your shoes, and get ready to learn the basics of the most joyful social dance out there. This class will be structured so that you can learn basics on your own or with a partner, and no experience is required.

We will start by presenting a bit of information about Swing Dance – what is Swing Dance? Where does it come from? Where can you find social dancing when lockdowns are fully lifted?

Then we will get moving, and lead you through the basic movements and steps of swing dance. We will also then give instruction on how to try out leading and following the steps if you have a partner at home.

We will end with a Q & A session when we will do our best to clarify questions about the content of the class, about what Naptown Stomp does, and about Swing Dance in general.
Class can be found LIVE on our YouTube channel on Thursdays. You do NOT have to register if you are planning on attending Level 1 Lessons.
Donations are greatly appreciated to help pay instructors and continue dance lessons in the future. To donate, click “tickets” and insert donation amount.
Suggested $15/week or $45/month

To Donate for June Lessons go Here

June Class Dates

Classes will be on our Youtube page
June 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

Taught by Kerry and Viktor

Wondering what shoes to wear? View our FAQ