Kick Up Your Lindy

Level 2: Beyond Basics

The Level 2 lessons are for anyone who has been in the Level 1 classes and are comfortable with their foundations and ready to move on. This lesson series includes 3 main topics; “Moves Every Lindy Hopper Should Know”, Lindy Hop Technique and Intro to Charleston which will be rotated each month. Each series runs for 4 weeks, starting at the beginning of the month.

Prerequisites: Level 2 must be taken at least 4 times – you must attend a Lindy Hop Technique, Lindy Hop Vocabulary, Charleston, and either a repeat class OR an Instructor’s Choice classes AND receive instructor approval prior to moving up to Level 3

Naptown Stomp Officers


Emmaus Lutheran School Gym
1224 Laurel Street
Indianapolis, IN 46203


August 3rd: Shim Sham and Mama Stew

Where: Shim Sham at Grove Haus, Mama Stew at Emmaus
Cost: $10, $7 for members, $5 for those signed up for August Lessons

Shim Sham taught by Danny, Mama Stew taught by Mandy


August: Comfortable Swing

You’ve got the steps. You’ve got the moves. You know how to swing out and do turns and have fun on the dance floor. But oh man, it feels like a ton of WORK!

In this class, we’ll teach techniques and exercises to help you get comfortable in the dance. In week one, we’ll explore connection with your partner and figure out how we can make the dance feel effortless for your partner, no matter their skill level. In week two, we’ll talk about breaking out of patterns so you don’t feel constrained to exact footwork and can recover flawlessly from any surprise. Week three is all about the need for speed! We’ll turn up the tempo and talk about techniques to help you feel more comfortable even at faster speeds. Finally, week four we’ll put it all together! Faster speeds, improvisation and variation, all while making your partner feel flawless. 

August Class Dates

6:45PM Thursdays
August 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st

Taught by Rob and Kerry

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